ElephantDrive for Linux

Linux users now have access to ElephantDrive’s backup technology. ElephantDrive Linux is currently in open Beta and includes packages for 32bit and 64bit Debian systems. If you run Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, or any other Debian-based distribution, check it out!

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Get Started!

1. Download package for your system.

32bit Ubuntu/Debian


64bit Ubuntu/Debian


Red Hat (Coming Soon)


2. Open terminal and run the installation package:

$sudo dpkg -i elephantdrive_3.0.24_i386.deb

or for the 64bit version, use:

$sudo dpkg -i elephantdrive_3.0.24_amd64.deb

3. You will be taken through a “text-based” wizard to log-in with your ElephantDrive account credentials. If you do not have an ElephantDrive account yet, you may create one here.

4. Once installation is finished, ElephantDrive service will run as a “service”. You may now set up which folders to backup from the Web Access Panel.

Check out step-by-step guide for creating a new backup job.



Questions? Find help on our Linux FAQ page.