This blog post addresses, however obliquely, what is surely one of the best things about the web 2.0 office: the lack of pants. I know that they don’t just come right out and say it, but, I think we all know that in the great chain of business evolution, we are all working towards a single goal: to conduct a meeting sans pants.

And, of course, in the process of hailing the glories of the mobile, virtual office, Read Write/Web has also seen fit to give ElephantDrive the nod in its review of virtual team essentials (clearly, not only is this blog well-written and full of thoughtful, useable information, it is also staffed by people with exceptional taste).

Though the edition of ElephantDrive that they chose to review was, logically, the Professional one, as a user of the Home edition, I feel that I’m receiving many of the same benefits. My ‘team’, as it were, may consist largely of me, myself, and I, but, as more and more of my personal business takes place online, instead of in offices or even coffee shops (i.e., places where they require pants), finding a way to safely backup, store, and even share data has become increasingly important. I may not be backing up a vital spreadsheet, an entire year’s worth of Excel files, or even last year’s tax return, but, should I ever choose to do so, I feel confident that they will be just as safe with this program as all of those incriminating photos from last year’s Christmas Fondue Extravaganza.

And that, much like conducting a meeting in your well-loved skivvies, is a good feeling.

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