Okay, so, ElephantDrive isn’t yellow, and it’s definitely not Nuprin, but, this article over at Techcrunch today manages to highlight its strengths, even as it sings the prasies of Amazon. The BusinessWeek article that is quoted in this post talks about Amazon’s “binge” on new technologies from the perspective of company profits, but, the binge is also key in terms of thinking about the ways in which a startup can benefit you, the consumer.

ElephantDrive has been able to leverage the brand and the infrastructure of a large, trusted company, without losing focus on their original desire: to provide the best, most user-friendly, secure, online data storage possible. Amazon’s recent glut of spending on diversified technologies, even as it leads to innovations, also necessarily means that not every single feature provided by the corporation can be its top priority–whereas a startup, like ElephantDrive, can afford to be single-mindedly obsessed with you, your data, and how they can best protect it. Sure, they can’t find me a rare Interpol album at two a.m., or ship me a four-pack of Teff grains from Ethiopia, but, they can be the company I trust to be just as concerned with my data as I am.

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