This article by Alex Iskold, coupled with a recent profile of 37signals in Time Magazine, all serve to sort of underscore what I was trying to get at with my last post about tools for the way that we live now. Our evolving modes of communication, and the steady growth of the virtual office phenomenon make it imperative that attention is being paid to those services that function within this new workplace paradigm.

In addition to this, Alex Iskold was also recently quoted in an article (direct link sadly unavailable) in the Wall Street Journal that discussed storage strategies. As it turns out, not only does he regularly write thought-provoking things at Read/WriteWeb, he also knows exactly whom to turn to for online storage.

Alex Iskold of Livingston, N.J., uses to back up 10 gigabytes of music, hundreds of photos, and documents for work like PowerPoint presentations. “It is really powerful to have things stored online,” says Mr. Iskold, the 34-year-old chief executive of AdaptiveBlue, a Web-personalization start-up.

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